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Company Name (Chinese): 根力多生物科技股份有限公司
Company Name (English): 根力多生物科技股份有限公司
Product Categories: Home Horticultural Materials
Address: Building D. Shangdi International Hi-tech business incubator. No. 2 Shangdi Infermation Road. Haidian district. Beijing
Tel: 15630950803
Product Display:

Product Name:Groplus 5 in 1 nutrient soil

Product Categories:Nursery Stock/Lawn/Vegetation and Its Maintenance

Introduction:This product is based on the growth characteristics of horticultural plants, select high-quality imported matrix raw materials, add special functional bacteria, micronutrient, soil conditioner, water retention agent and other components, made of gold rati

Product Name:Groplus Fragrant Bean cake fertilizer

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:This product is a new type of organic fertilizer containing bacteria, which is made of soybean meal as the main raw material and mixed with beneficial bacteria through spraying and implanting. The product is rich in protein, a variety of micronutrient and

Product Name:GroPlus Micronutrient in plant nutrient solution

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:It is rich in micronutrient, which can prevent various symptoms of leaf yellowing, leaf tip drying and leaf falling caused by plant nutrient deficiency, especially adding active organic calcium and photosynthetic trigger promoter to make the plant stronge

Product Name:Groplus Plant Nutrient Solution

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:Rich in plant growth needs a lot of, medium, micronutrient, foliage spray quick effect, 15 days to witness the growth of miracles, elegant flowers, so that you love life every day have a good mood.

Product Name:Groplus Baa Baa Sheep Manure

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:This product is 100% pure fermented sheep manure, rich in organic matter and plant beneficial bacteria, is a high fertilizer efficiency, mature organic fertilizer, raw material source pasture using modern sterilization management, the high-protein food ma

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