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Company Name (Chinese): 常熟市振宏纺织品有限公司
Company Name (English): 常熟市振宏纺织品有限公司
Product Categories: Home Horticultural Materials
Address: 1001-1005, No.2 Kaiyuan Avenue, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province
Tel: 13862365638
Website: http://www.sky101china.com
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Product Name:coconut chaff brick

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:The "younongjia" environmental protection coconut bran brick has the characteristics of low salinity and high foaming. The EC (soluble salt) value is about 0.6ms/cm, which is suitable for most plants including seedlings. The foaming speed is fast, 5kg coc

Product Name:

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:Supplement soil beneficial bacteria and reduce soil ecology. Activate soil flora and degrade soil toxin.

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