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Company Name (Chinese): 北京荣宝森瑞塑业有限公司
Company Name (English): 北京荣宝森瑞塑业有限公司
Product Categories: Pots
Tel: 010-89737819
Product Display:

Product Name: Ronbo Sunrise round black breathable gallon pots

Product Categories:Horticultural Supplies and Materials

Introduction:Classic round gallon pots, deep basin is conducive to plant growth downward, bottom drainage hole design, plant roots can breathe, not rotten roots.

Product Name:Ronbo Sunrise square black breathable plastic gallon Basin

Product Categories:Horticulture and Garden Materials

Introduction:The classic square gallon basin has the advantages of tenacity, durability, drainage, ventilation, simplicity and fashion.

Product Name:Ronbo Sunrise Large European Vintage whisky cask flowerpot

Product Categories:Horticulture and Garden Materials

Introduction:Retro Vintage Style imitation wine barrel plastic flowerpot, thickened, wear-resistant, anti drop, anti-oxidation.

Product Name:Ronbo Sunrise large scale engraved round high end plastic flowerpot

Product Categories:Garden Landscape and Design


Product Name:Ronbo Sunrise water storage lazy intelligent plastic flowerpot with water level

Product Categories:Horticulture and Garden Materials

Introduction:With buoy water level gauge, water level can be seen at a glance, regular water storage, lazy planting, clean and clean and water tight!

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