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Company Name (Chinese): 河南力浮科技有限公司
Company Name (English): 河南力浮科技有限公司
Product Categories: Fertilizer
Address: C13, No.50 Wutong Str. 450001 Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Tel: 13503845374
Website: www.fertileef.com
Product Display:

Product Name:Polymer coated controlled release fertilizer

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:Polymer coated controlled release Fertilizer release nutrients during the growing season of plants by various mechanisms. This is to make nutrient release synchronize with plant nutrient absorption, thus to improve common fertilizer nutrient absorption an

Product Name:Tablet slow release fertilizer

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:Tablet slow-release fertilizer is formulated for tree plants in various soil and weather conditions. Every nugget of tablet slow release fertilizer is pressed into a uniform pellet shape weighs, contains all necessary nutrients and trace elements. Nutrien

Product Name:Turf MU Granular Fertilizer

Product Categories:Fertilizer and Pesticide

Introduction:For many years Leef Fertilizer has manufactured granular fertilizers containing methylene urea (MU), these products have proved popular and successful in many situations where an extended availability of nitrogen (N) is required. They’re used on greens, t

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