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Product Categories: Vegetables/Fruits
Address: No.465, Sunjia village, Yifengdian Town, Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province China;
Tel: +8617706398605
Website: www.rijkzwaan.cn
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Product Name:Sweet Palermo

Product Categories:Vegetables/Fruits

Introduction:This is a colorful sweet pepper with a unique sweet flavor. The colors include red, yellow, orange, coffee and green. Rich in vitamin C and brix is up to 9, suitable for all kinds of cooking needs. Add color to your table.

Product Name:Internal Red Tomato

Product Categories:Vegetables/Fruits

Introduction:Interal Red tomatos have attractive ,dark-red attractive ,dark-red flesh and a deep-red core, which gives them a healthy and tasty -looking appearance. Sour and sweet taste, will make your dishes more attractive color.

Product Name:Crystal lettuce

Product Categories:Vegetables/Fruits

Introduction:Crystal lettuce leaves are small, thick and wrinkled at the edges, giving it a crisp, juicy taste. After heating, it can still keep the fresh green crisp taste, which is suitable for the Chinese hot pot market, is known as "hot pot" lettuce.

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