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Product Categories: Home Horticultural Materials
Address: No.805-808,Building 3,Lianhang Road 1505,Minhang District,Shanghai,P.R.China.
Tel: 021-58109067
Website: www.naturehydro.com
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Product Name:Dutch bucket

Product Categories:Others

Introduction:Dutch bucket is an efficient drip irrigation system and is extremely suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumber, etc

Product Name:25L Blueberry pot

Product Categories:Others

Introduction:The 25 L blueberry pot is newly designed product, enlarged and improved based on our 10 L square pot. With long standing legs on the bottom, there is enough space between the ground and the pot, with excellent air ventilation and drainage, which reduces t

Product Name:Stacking pots

Product Categories:Seedlings/Pot Plant/Plant

Introduction:Stacking pot is suitabke for strawberry, lettuce, flower and other herbs plants, can stack 10 pots per tower at the most, saving water and space, also a beautiful scenery

Product Name:Small nft system for home use

Product Categories:Others

Introduction:small vertical nft system is suitable for cultication of leafy plnats at home. Small sizes and vertical, not possess too much space, full automatica, easy to handlle.

Product Name:Drainage collection pot

Product Categories:Others

Introduction:Drainage collection pot, as the dutch bucket's upgrading, is an efficient drip irrigation system and are suitabble fot greenhouse hydroponics system. The biggest advantage is 100% drainage collection. No water accumulates at the bottom, causing plant root

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