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The 7th Hortiflorexpo China, the largest official trade show in Chinese horticulture, floriculture and garden field and which was held from Apr. 6-9, 2005 in Intex Shanghai.  The show was organized by China Flower Association.  As the show management of this year, Intex Shanghai was responsible for all the service of this edition from project scheming, marketing, sales and on site, etc.  Below please kindly find some summing-up,


Main Characteristics:Broad Exhibitor Distributing & a Larger Scale of the Show

This exhibition covered a total show area of 14000sqm which is 23.47% larger than that of last edition in Shanghai in 2003 with a nearly 1000sqm’s outdoor exhibiting area.

380 well-known companies from 18 countries and regions such as Holland, Germany, Ecuador, Belgium, Korea, USA, France, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Canada, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, China Mainland, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan Province participated in the show, among which, we have 3 national pavilions (i.e., German pavilion, Ecuadorian pavilion and Korean pavilion) and 94 companies coming from abroad. (These data were obtained and analyzed based on the exhibitors name list provided by exhibitors for badges.)   Here we specially would like to draw your attention to Ecuadorian pavilion.  Small as their booth was, that was only 27sqm big, it represented a delegation of 18 Ecuadorian flower-producing companies under the lead of Expoflores.  And this is also the first time in the show’s history when Ecuadorian flower companies send flower experts and business people to the show in person instead of asking officials from CORPEI (who do not know so much about flower production) to take care of their booths.

Geographically speaking, as far as China mainland is concerned, exhibitors are from numerous provinces and regions.  Apart from East China, 51.94% of domestic exhibitors are from Southern, Northern, South West, North East, North West and Middle part of China.

Having a wide span of exhibits, The 7th Hortiflorexpo China has attracted quite a few leading companies in Chinese horticultural, floricultural and garden field.  Judging from the chart below, we find that flower, seed, bulbs amounted to 46%, greenhouse reached 12%, horticultural materials rising from 5% of last edition to 7%, and young plants are 7%.  After comparing the data of this edition with that of 2003 edition, we found that the percentage of gardening machinery dropped from 12% to 6%.  The reasons, after studying we think, is a relatively low profit of the sector.  And the other reason is that gardening machinery companies prefer to stay indoors while its low marketing budgets make it embarrassed. Besides, it always take a long time for them to make a participating decision which lead to a result that when they finally decided to participate, there were no booths left. 

For more detail, please visit 'Download' to SHOW REPORT 2005.



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