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Colorful Fringe Programs

In order to lead so many floricultural, horticultural and garden companies to survive and further develop themselves in the more and more vehement competition, we have specially organized a series of fringe programs on the exhibition to target at different audience groups.  

a.    Conference
14 conference were organized in the first 3 days of the show.  Mr. Rokus Hassefras of Flower Council of Holland, Mr. Stephan Braun of Zentralverband Gartenbau e.v. (ZVG), German Horticulture, Mr. Miguel Marcer o, President of the Board of Expoflores, Mr. Mike Samilian, Vice President of Speedling Inc., Dr. Th. H. Geiling, Chairman of International Horticulture Association, Sensor Sub-branch, Mr. William Irion, President of Irion Enterprises, Mr. Vincent Asselin, President of Waa International China, Mr. Yang Yu Yong, GM of Kunming Yang Chinese Rose Gardening Co Ltd., Mr. Bernard Durand, Asia Area Manager of Meilland International, etc. were invited to give speeches on various interesting topics such as “The Flower Culture in Netherlands”, “Horticulture- a Productive Branch of the Agricultural Sector in Germany”, “Opportunities of the Ecuadorian Floriculture Industry”, “Intelligent Control System of Greenhouse Climate Control of Water and Nutrient Supply to Greenhouse”, “International Trade: Doing Business with American and Japan”, “Seeding Technology Development and Sub-irrigated System”, “Planting Design, the Foundation of a Successful Green Space”, “Rose Breeding, Promotion and Pant Breeder’s Rights in China” and so on. 

b.    Seminars
In order to help those companies who would like to make full use of the exhibition to promote themselves, 19 seminars were organized to market their products and promote their ideas.

c.    Flower Arrangement Show
For the sake of expanding flower consumption, leading public to love flowers and buy flowers, we specially invited 13 famous florists from Germany, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan Province and China Mainland to give wonderful flower arrangement shows.  Hundreds of people were attracted in the 3.5 days.  Noteworthily, 2 genres of the present 3 genres come to give performances.

d.    Field Visits
Targeting at different audiences, keeping pace with the latest trends, 3 Field visit routes were made to benefit visitors.  They are: Flower Distribution Route, Flower Production Route and Garden Route.


For more detail, please visit 'Download' to Fringe Programs.



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