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Fringe Programs


Devoted to the exhibition, we not only think much of the growth of its size, but also to the richness of its content.  New measures and efforts were made to enrich the fringe programs,

a.    Activities aiming at florist industry
Considering that there are not only flower growers exhibitions but also exhibitions on florist industries in some developed countries, we specially cooperated with China Flower Association Retail Trade Branch (CFR), AFDU (Asian Floral Designer Union) and Shanghai Flower Art and Arrangement Association to have the following activities to better serve flower retailing sectors and to lead flower consumption. 
1.    Annual Meeting of China Flower Association Retail Trade Branch (CFR)
2.    Speeches given by USA florist experts
3.    Flower Arrangement Live Show
23 well-known florists coming from Holland, USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong SAR and China Mainland gave 10 wonderful performances which won big applauses from a packed audience. 
4.    Flower Arrangements Show
5.    Pictures Show--- More than 100 sets of fine pictures about the latest world floral design work were displayed for the first time in China.

b.    Seminars
In order to help those companies who would like to make full use of the exhibition to promote themselves, 19 seminars were organized to market their products and promote their ideas among which most seminars obtained satisfactory results.

c.    Bonsai Display and Onsite Making Show
To carry forward Chinese traditional culture and help the development of domestic bonsai industry, we cooperated with Shanghai Mini Cape Shang Shi Association to present around 100 awarded Bonsai on site the exhibition, bonsai making show and Maintenance Consultation which all obtained good result.


d.    Field Visit
To help both exhibitors and visitors to make full use of this exhibition to obtain more experience in the limited 4 days, we specially arranged 2 visiting routes to some distinctive fields.  To our satisfaction, the “Urban Green Line” was warmly welcomed by lots of exhibitors and visitors.


For more detail, please visit 'Download' to Fringe Programs.



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