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Fringe Programs helps a lot to enrich the content of the exhibition

Devoted to the exhibition, we not only think much of the growth of its size, but also to the richness of its content.  New measures and efforts were made to bring about and execute the fringe programs,

◆    To be Combined with “2009 Yangtze Delta Flower Industry Forum” 

Started by Forestry Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Flower Association of Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Forestry Bureau, Shanghai Flower Association, Agriculture & Forestry Department of Jiangsu Province and Flower Association of Jiangsu Province, the annual forum was launched in 2005 and was set to rotate among Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu.  In order to make it easier for audience, visitors and exhibitors to make full use of this platform to participate in both exhibition and forum, Shanghai Seed Industry Group and Intex Shanghai successfully changed the time of the forum from late October, 2009 to March 31 to April 1, 2009 to make it concurrently held with “Hortiflorexpo China”.  The forum was organized by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Agricultural Commission, Shanghai Landscaping Administration Bureau (Shanghai Forestry Bureau), Shanghai Flower Association.

The 3 main parts of Shanghai World Expo was invited for the first time to tell the audience from different points of view of owners, government and contractors of World Expo to tell how the Expo landscape projects are schemed, designed, constructed and what kind of products are needed. When focusing on the theme of World Expo, we also pay attention to elaborate the topic of “Innovation & Sustainable Development”.  Altogether 23 experts and CEOs from Holland, Germany, UK, Sweden, Japan, USA and China were invited to talk about the latest development and trend in this industry.  For the first day, the forum was held in Kaibo Hotel with over 180 delegates participated.  On the second day of this forum, due to limited space of the meeting room in Intex Shanghai, still over 100 delegates participated.

◆Training for landscape designers and project managers & Matchmaking Meeting with World Expo Buyers 

Cooperated with Shanghai Landscape Architecture and Gardening Trade Association, a one-day-training for landscape designers and project managers& Matchmaking Meeting with World Expo Buyers was organized on April 2.  Nearly 120 project Managers and Designers of Landscape Design and construction companies together with officials from Shanghai-World-Expo-600-day office, World Expo Construction Headquarter, Shanghai World Expo Bureau, Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co, different level of Landscape Bureaus/Landscape Supervising Stations in Yangtze Delta.  Besides, nearly 20 green products suppliers also participated in this activity. 

Through case studies and interaction with the audience, the following topics were discussed and expounded: announcement of some awarded Shanghai landscape design projects were made, Ecological protection and restore, construction of ecological residential area, the trend and development of today’s landscape design, etc.  During the meeting, representatives from some famous landscape design companies were also invited to talk about their success and failure in the past years.
The concurrent program of “Matchmaking Meeting with World Expo Buyers” provided a platform for those landscape designers and suppliers to promote the healthy development of this industry.

◆Holland Retail Day

“Holland Retail Day”, on the second day of the exhibition altogether attracted 172 representatives from Chinese flower chain stores to promote Holland floral and cut flower treatment technologies.


Seminar is one of the best ways to help exhibitors and companies to promote their brand and new products.  Apart from all the above activities mentioned, 10 seminars were arranged.  Experts from USA, Germany, Holland, Korea and Chinese mainland presented to talk about cultivation of new varieties, greenhouse structure design software, applications of Germany plants in world landscape and so on.  Most seminars won satisfactory result.

◆Flower Arrangement Show

Moreover, 14 Flower Arrangement Shows were arranged.  Florists from France, Japan, Holland, Philippines, Taiwan Province and Chinese mainland were invited to give shows to more than 300 florists and owners of flower chain stores.  3 and a half day flower arrangement shows as usual won big applause and popularities in Chinese floral industry.

◆Field Visit

To help both exhibitors and visitors to make better use of this event, field visits were arranged on the third day of the exhibition to help them to learn on the spot how this industry develops now.

For more detail, please visit 'Download' to Fringe Programs.



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