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Fringe Programs helps a lot to enrich the content of the exhibition

Devoted to the exhibition, we not only think much of the growth of its size, but also to the richness of its content.  New measures and efforts were made to bring about and execute the fringe programs.  Compared with show in Shanghai when we had 6 fringe programs, in 2011 Hortiflorexpo, we had 9 fringe programs as follows,

1.    China Horticultural and Floricultural Industry Conference
Date:            April 13, 2011 (one day)

Organizer:    Shanghai Flower Association
Management:  Shanghai Seed Industry Group, Intex Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Supporters:   China Flower Association
Shanghai Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center
                              Shanghai Forestry Station
Attendee:   Horticultural producers, dealers who would like to know the latest trend in China and World Horticultural Industry
Theme:    Sustainable Development of China Floriculture & Horticulture Industry
Features:         Using Simultaneous Translation System
Free to participate
11 famous speakers from USA, Columbia, Japan, France, Holland and China Mainland were invited to talk about the latest development and invention trend in world flower industry.  For example, Mr. Cai Jun’s (Secretary-General of Subchamber of Flower of China Chamber of Commerce for I&E of Food Stuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products) speech of “The Status and Trends of Flower Import and Export in China” has aroused great interest from both China and Foreign audience; Mr. Gino Boismorin, President of Vegepolys (France) gave a speech of “Development of Flower Industry in France and its Position in the European Union” made it possible for more Chinese audience to know the current situation in French flower industry; Mr. Mitsuyoshi Matsumura, Japan Flower Corporation Co., Ltd. told us about “The Mode of Chain Store Management of Floriculture & Horticulture Companies”;  Mr. Ren Fei’s (General Manager of Shanghai Eco Gardening Design House) speech was about “The Potential of the Development of Home Gardening Industry” which had aroused extensive concern in the industry.  

Besides, it is the first time for us to invite Mr. Justin Xing, Business Developer of IKEA Trading  (Hong Kong) Ltd. Shanghai Rep Office to talk about “What Does a Leading Home Furnishing Company Require for Green Plant Supply in China”.  The one day forum has attracted over 200 audiences to participate.  Even in the afternoon, more seats had to be added to allow more audience who entered the meeting room.

2.    Holland Day Conference
Date:April 14, 2011 (one day)
Thanks to the good result of Holland Day in previous Hortiflorexpo Shanghai, altogether 12 Holland companies would have made good use of this opportunity to give speech.  Altogether 263 audiences were attracted to learn the advanced greenhouse management, flower growing, logistics, fresh keeping and retail technology.


3.    Home Garden Special Conference 
Date:Afternoon of April 15, 2011
Planned guests: 
Since Home Garden is one of the highlights of this Hortiflorexpo, this is the 1st time for us to cooperate with a vogue magazine of “Best Home and Garden”.  Mr. Ren Fei, GM of Eco Shanghai, Ms Zhao Sumin, President of Fat Dragon Horticulture, Mr. Jiang Shengde, Chairman of Hongyue Horticulture, Mr. Yuan Xiangyang, GM of Moerheim Beijing, Mr. Lin Bin, a Rose expert and Ms Cai Wanzi, a famous horticultural columnist etc. , were invited to give speeches.  
Besides, quite a few award-winners of “BH&G” Horticultural Competition gave presentations about how they design, build and maintain their big gardens.  To make an easy carefree atmosphere, the venue was decorated to be like a real garden.  Over 120 horticultural fans, villa owners, home garden products manufacturers and dealers meet face to face.  To our satisfaction, quite a few audiences told us that if we have such activities in the future, they will definitely participate again. 


4.    Landscape Development Forum
Date:        The whole day of April 14
Number of Audience:181 people
Who is the audience: garden designers, garden construction companies, garden suppliers
Features: Using Simultaneous Translation System
This is the 1st time that Hortiflorexpo China invited lots of world famous landscape designers to give speeches.  For instance, Mr. Yoshiki Toda, designer of Japanese World Expo gave a speech of “Gunma Insects World---A new place for environment education”, Mr. James McGeoch who participated in the landscape design of Hong Kong Disney talked about “Trends in International Horticulture in the Landscape Sector”.  Mr. He, Mei Cai, Assistant Dean of Turenscape design institute 2nd Bran gave a speech of “Shanghai World Expo Hou Tan Park Garden Beach Wetland Ecological Water System Design”.  (Houtan Park has been awarded frequently in world landscape design competition.)  Mr. Christoph Valentien, CEO of Valentien + Valentien Landscape Architects and Urban Planners SRL gave a speech of “Planning and design of Shanghai Chenshan Botanic Garden”.  Mrs. Huang Cai Di, Director of Garden Bureau of Jing’an District Shanghai gave speech on “East and West Gardening, Mix with Each Other in Jing’an—The building of Mei Garden in Shanghai Jing’an Sculpture Park”.  Climaxes appeared repeatedly in the forum, over 181 professional audience participated. 


5.    Landscape Forum
Date:The afternoon of April 13
To differ from Landscape Design Forum, this forum which we cooperated with Modern Landscape Architecture Magazine is centered on practice of biological control use in landscape.  Prof. Zhang, Deshun, Construction and Urban Planning College, Tongji University and Prof. Li Shuhua, Doctorate Tutor of Landscaping, Architecture College, Tsinghua University gave detailed speeches on “Landscaping Plants Choice under the Climate Change” and “Application of Potential Vegetation Theory in the Renovation of Urban Environmental Ecology” respectively.  In total the half-day-forum attracted 86 audiences in total.


6.    2011 Forum of Effective Management of Irrigation and Fertilization in Floricultural and Horticultural Industry 
Date: 13:30-16:30pm on April 15, 2011 (Afternoon)
Organizers:     China Flower and Gardening News
                   Irrigation Web (www.irrigation.com.cn)
Number of Audience:135 people
This is also the 1st time for us to cooperate with China Flowers and Gardening News and Irrigation Web to invite the following, 
Mr. Xu, Fu Chu, Secretary General of China Water Enterprise Irrigation and Drainage Sub Council, 
Dr. Meng Qi, Vice President of Gansu Dayu Water Conservation Holding Scientific Co., Ltd(Share Code: 300021), 
Mr. Li, Yong, President of Shanghai Lvyi Agricultural and Scientific Co., Ltd., 
Mr. Zhang, Cheng Lin , Professor of South China Agricultural University, 
Mrs. Zou Yun Su, Vice General Manager of Tianjin Intertec Irrigation Technological Co., Ltd, 
Mr. Yang Chun Qi, Chief Engineer of Changping District Forestry Bureau, 
Mrs.Zhang Wei, Manager of Beijing Forestry University Forest Science Co., Ltd, 
Mr. Zhang Jian Ping, General Engineer of Toro Company Beijing Rep. 

to talk about Management and maintenance of greenhouse irrigation equipment, Flowers’ nutritional pattern and fluid manure integration management technologies, management of liquid manure, etc. to exchange information and technologies and introduce the latest trends in this industry both home and abroad.  In total an audience of 135 people from brand irrigation manufacturers, dealers, end users were attracted.
7.    General Assembly of China Flower Association(CFA) Retail Branch in 2011
Date:    April 15, 2011 (morning)
Number of Audience:81 people
The assembly was held successfully.  The achievements of Retail Branch of CFA in 2006 to 2011, the new development trend and direction, content of its future work, etc were discussed. 


8.    Flower Arrangement Show
Date:April 13-16, 2011 (3.5 days)
Number of Audience:over 300 people
Who is the audience: florists, flower shop owners, flower arrangement fans
15 Flower Arrangement Shows were arranged.  19 Florists from France, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan Province and Chinese mainland were invited to give shows to more than 300 florists and owners of flower chain stores.  3 and a half day flower arrangement shows as usual won big applause and popularities in Chinese floral industry.


9.    Seminars
Feature:  exhibitors rent seminar rooms to present, free to attend
Seminar is one of the best ways to help exhibitors and companies to promote their brand and new products.  Apart from all the above activities mentioned, 10 seminars were arranged among which there were “Terra Nigra and the position of Gerbera in the international flower trade”, “Designer Meeting of agroalimentaire "Promotion Qualité"/Chambre d'agriculture des Pays de la Loire”, “Design reliable driving systems for high-class greenhouse of Lock Drives BV”, Sino-Dutch round table meeting on Liangshan floriculture, “Low Carbon Greenhouse of the Internet of Things of Beijing Kingpeng”, “Irrigation Production Briefing of K-Rain Manufacturing”, “Florists' e Life”, etc. Most seminars won satisfactory result.


For more detail, please visit 'Download' to Fringe Programs.



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