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Fringe Programs helps a lot to enrich the content of the 15th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai

Devoted to make a best Hortiflorexpo, we not only think much of the growth of its size, but also to the richness of its content. Targeting different niche markets, we have specially executed 11 Fringe Programs as follows,

1. 1st Chinese Technology and Application Research of New Garden Products and Young Plants Seminar
Date:Morning of April 17, 2013 (half day)
It is the 1st time for us to cooperate with Old and Valuable Trees Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, the purpose of this seminar is to introduce new application methods and management modes of different kinds of landscape plants, etc. to peers of Chinese landscape garden industry.  The content included “Introduction of New Nursery Varieties and Latest Overseas Technology of Sapling, Young Plants Domestic Nursery Development Trend and New Sapling Briefing”, “Introduction of New Application Method and Culture Technology of Nursery”, etc. The half-day-seminar attracted over 150 audiences from landscape design and construction companies to participate.


2.    Sino Dutch Horticulture Seminar
Date:Afternoon of April 17, 2013 (half day)
Altogether 6 Holland companies made good use of this opportunity to release information and give speeches.  99 audiences from all over China were attracted to learn the advanced greenhouse management, climate control, root growth, flower growing, logistics technology, etc.


3.    Forum of Vertical Green and Beautiful China
Date:Afternoon of April 17, 2013 (half day)
In cooperation with Vertical Greening Academic Group of China Green Building Council and International Rooftop Landscaping Association, we invited 6 experts and entrepreneurs in this field to introduce new methods, ideas and technologies of roof greening and wall greening to help purify air, lowering PM2.5 when there is no more ground to grow plants in most Chinese cities today.


Its content includes “Vertical Planning and Ecological Civilization of Beautiful Cities”, “Researches of Roof Temperature Affected by Light Roof Greening”, “Research of Roof Covering (sward)”, “Construction Technique Research of Roof Garden of China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo”, “Combination of Roof Garden and Commerce” and “Latest Design and Construction Technique of Roof Garden in Japan”.


Because the forum touched upon some of policy hotspots, it became the most popular programs at the show. The 120-sqm-conference room was packed with audience and Mr. Lu, Yue Xing, Party Secretary of Shanghai Landscape and Amenity Authority attended the forum.
4.    Greenhouse Equipment Forum
Date:Afternoon of April 17, 2013 (half day)
Partnered with Richland Sources, the forum was to discuss the latest new technology and new products in greenhouse and the application method of plant growing in greenhouse.  4 famous specialists and entrepreneurs were invited to give speeches on “Innovation on Internal Logistics for China Horticulture Production”, “Current Situation and Development of Home Garden”, “Greenhouse, Agricultural Production Mode Reformation, and Greenhouse Facilities and Equipment Innovation” and “Creative Value by Increasing Illumination in Your Greenhouse”, etc.  Over 80 audience were attracted.


5.    Forum of Horticulture Therapy
Date:     Afternoon of April 18, 2013 (half day)
Theme:  Horticulture Therapy, Rehabilitation and Landscape
Partnered with Modern Landscape Architecture Magazine, we have organized Medical organizations, Rehabilitation centers, Communities gather together to discuss how to relieve pressure, rehabilitating souls through garden cultivation and by being close to nature.  

Prof. Li, Shu Hua, of School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, Prof. Li, Shu He of Tianjin Agriculture University and Prof. He, Xue Qin of Inner Mongolia Agriculture won big applauses by providing lots of examples and data in their speeches on “Horticulture Therapy and Rehabilitatioin Landscape Design”, “The Effect of Horticulture Therapy on the Physical and Mental Health of Primary and Middle School Students” and “Horticulture Therapy in the America”.

6.    Home Garden Special Conference 
Date: Morning of April 19, 2013 (half day)
Theme:Better Homes and Gardens Environmental Protection of Life--PM 2.5

After successful cooperation in 2011 Hortiflorexpo Shanghai, this year again we cooperated with “Better Home and Garden”, a fashion magazine again to present a special conference to organize horticulture fans, villa owners, producers and dealers of home garden products face to face.

On this forum, the winner of the 4th Better Homes and Gardens Horticulture Design Competition shared their experience with all the audience.  Scotts Gardening brought cultivation techniques of home plants and Shen Zhen Huanggu Roof Gardening Co Ltd shared with audience their ideas and DIY ways of how to control PM2.5.

7.    2nd Irrigation and Fertilization in Floricultural and Horticultural Industry Forum
Date:        Afternoon of April 19 (half day)
After we cooperated with www.zgggzx.com to present “1st Irrigation and Fertilization in Floricultural and Horticultural Industry Forum” which was attended by over 200 professional audience in the 2011 Hortiflorexpo in Shanghai, we cooperated with all the partners again to organize the 2nd edition during the 15th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai.
The forum invited many famous experts and officials in this field, among whom, Prof. Wang, Shi Ping is one of the industry leaders in Root Restriction Technology who has introduced Root Restriction Technology in Garden plant production to cause major changes in fruit trees production in both north and south China.  Prof. Yao, Lei has built the 1st Aromatic Plant Research Center in China to specially contribute in international exchange in Aromatic Plants.
Always adhering to its principles, the forum organized manufacturers, dealers, owners of greenhouse and gardens together to spread new concepts and trends in international irrigation industry.


8.    Flower Arrangement Show
Date:April 17-20, 2013 (3.5 days)
Flower Arrangement Shows concurrently held with Hortiflorexpo is a rare chance for flower shop owners, florists and lovers to feel and learn the latest trend of flower arrangement.  We cooperated with Cnfloral(www.huadian360.com) and Retail Branch of CFA to invite 12 Florists from Germany, Japan, Taiwan Province and Chinese mainland to give shows to win big applause and popularities.


9.    Council of China Flower Association (CFA) Retail Branch
Date:    Morning of April 16, 2013 (half day)


10.    General Assembly of China Flower Association(CFA) Retail Branch
Date:    Afternoon of April 16, 2013 (half day)
The Assembly is about the achievements of Retail Branch of CFA in 2012, its new development trend and direction, content of future work, etc.


11.    Seminars
Feature:  organized by exhibitors 
Seminars are one of the best ways to help exhibitors and companies to promote their brands and new products.  Apart from the above activities, 9 seminars were arranged among which there were “Launching Ceremony of International Competition of 2014 Qing Dao World Horticulture Expo”, “Horticultural Forum of China Seaweed Fertilizer Summit”, “Introduction of Mr. Fothergill’s Packet Seeds”, “German Products for Horticulture”, “How to Realize High Quality ”, etc.  Most seminars won satisfactory result.


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