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Fringe Programs helps a lot to enrich the content of the 17th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai

Devoted to make a best Hortiflorexpo, we not only think much of the growth of its size, but also to the richness of its content.  Pursuing the principle of “Quality visitors make a quality exhibition”, we always organize lots of conferences, seminars during Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai.  Targeting at different niche markets, we have specially executed 11 Fringe Programs, over 70 experts, entrepreneurs have shared their case studies, experiences, unique point of views and performance.  Over 2000 professional visitors have attended these fringe programs during the exhibition.  The activities are as follows,


A.    Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Technology Agricultural Application New Product Launch
Time: 10:00am---10:40am, April 22nd 2015  


B.    2nd Chinese Technology and Application Research of New Garden Products and Young Plants Seminar
Time: 13:30pm-16:30pm, April 22nd 2015
Number of Audience:  200+ 

After the 1st happy cooperation in 2013, we cooperate with Old and Valuable Trees Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture again to introduce new application methods and management modes of different kinds of landscape plants, etc. to peers of Chinese landscape garden industry.  The contents included Development of Root Control Technology in Young Plant Container Cultivation, Breeding Progress of Ornamental Plants in Shanghai, Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang Province, Application of New Technologies of Tree Transplantation, etc.  Over 200 landscape designers, construction companies, young plant nurseries attended.


C.    Landscape Summit of Shanghai Society of Modern Landscape Architecture
Time: 9:00am-12:45am, April 23rd 2015
Number of Audience:  200+ 

Cooperated with Shanghai Society of Modern Landscape Architecture for the 1st time, we have specially invited representatives of American Mission Landscape Co, American AHBE Landscape Design Co and USA Portland Botanic Garden to share Case Studies, world latest trends and ideas of landscape design to Architecture Design Institutes, landscape design companies and landscape project companies, etc.  To our surprise, due to limited seats, quite a few audience had to stand in the meeting room.

D.    Sino Dutch Sustainable Horticulture Practice & Perspective Seminar
Time: 9:00am-12:00am, April 23rd 2015 
Number of Audience: 150+

For years, the Sino Dutch Seminar which always held during Hortiflorexpo has become a unique brand where horticultural and flower growers, dealers from across China can have the opportunity to have deeper knowledge of how world advanced Holland counterparts grow, and manage.  6 Holland companies have availed themselves to make better use of this platform to introduce sustainable water control technology, greenhouse knowhow, automatic control, LED application in greenhouse growing, etc.  The-150-sqm meeting room was crowded with audience and the Q & A after the seminar has brought it to a summit.  


E.    Forum of Vertical Green and Beautiful China 
Time: 13:30pm-16:30pm of April 23rd 2015
Number of Audience: 120+

Cooperated with International Rooftop Landscaping Association, we have invited 5 leadersand entrepreneurs in this field to introduce new methods, ideas and technologies of roof greening and wall greening to help purify atmosphere, lowering PM2.5 when there are no more ground can grow plants in today’s most Chinese cities.  


F.    Greenhouse Horticulture Equipment and Technology Innovation Forum
Time: 13:30pm-16:30pm, April 22nd 2015
Number of Audience: 100+

Cooperated with RICHLAND SOURCES, this forum will combine the greenhouse and equipment technology with modern growing to offer latest idea, best technology, good service and product for modern horticulture.  6 famous Domestic experts have discussed anti fog and Photovoltaic technology, Application and Development of Film Used in Grape Cultivation or Orchard, Solutions Brought by Climate Screens, Dutch Adaptive Greenhouse Technology.  Over 100 people has been attracted to attend.


G.    Forum of Application of Rose, Bulb Flowers in Ecological Civilization and Gardens
Time: 13:30pm-16:30pm, April 23rd 2015
Number of Audience: 100+

Thanks to the love of flowers and changeable gardens, we have cooperated with the Modern Landscape Architecture Magazine to organize landscape designers, green project companies, botanic gardens, parks, etc. to share the latest concept, philosophy and case study of roses and bulb flowers in the landscape application.


H.    Home Garden Conference
Time:     9:00am-12:00am, April 24th 2015
Number of Audience:  160-200 People

To cater for the need of garden fans, owners of villas, home garden product dealers and manufacturers, we have cooperated with “Chinese Ornamental Plants and Bonsai Magazine”, a famous Chinese home garden magazine to present a special conference themed on “Let Horticulture Enter Our Lives”.  An editor of fashion horticulture electrical magazine was invited to share garden construction cases, entrepreneurs of Home Garden shared their innovative ideas.  


I.    Netizen Meeting of www.312green.com
Time:      13:30pm-16:30pm, April 22nd 2015

Having cooperated with www.312green.com for the 1st time to organize garden owners, green project companies, young plant growers and dealers to meet one another offline to have a light-hearted and interesting meeting to listen to the industry about what will be the development trends of internet for young plant suppliers, how to build image on Internet, how to advertise effectively on the Internet and how to choose partners for green project companies, etc.  To our delight, the meeting was welcomed by both the organizer and audience.


J.    Flower Arrangement Show
Date:       April 22nd-24th 2015 (Three Days)
Number of Audience:  400 People+

Flower Arrangement Shows concurrently held with Hortiflorexpois always a rare chance for flower shop owners, florists and lovers to feel and learn the latest trend of flower arrangement.  We cooperated with Cnfloral(www.huadian360.com) and Retail Branch of CFA to invite 12 Florists from Germany, USA, Taiwan Province, Japan, and Chinese mainland to give shows to win big applause and popularities.  

For the 1st time, we have moved the Flower Arrangement Show into the venue to interact with all the floral stuff booths in the venue.  Due to too much content and limited time, each performance has to be shortened and compressed, also break time between each shows had to be shortened to only 10 minutes.  Since the space is too small, around 400-500 audience has occupied the audience area of only 200 audience.  Because of too much audience, the display of floral works had to be moved to the corridor between Hall N1 and Hall N2.  Apart from the pity that lots of audience had to stand to watch, the 2-and-a-half-days-performance was really an eye-popper.


K.    Seminars
Feature:  organized by exhibitors 

Seminars are one of the best ways to help exhibitors and companies to promote their brands and new products.  Apart from the above activities, 10 seminars were arranged and among which, though several were called seminars, yet they were actually medium sized conferences, e.g., “Protect Yourself, Protect Environment----Refuse to Use Uncertified Engines” which we cooperated with China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association.  The seminar focused on a big theme to invite experts, specialists, entrepreneurs with eachwent into details about “The Relationship between Air Pollution and Emission of Engines”,” Legal Risk for Dealers Who Sell Uncertified Products”, “How to Indentify Environmental Friendly Engines” and “Intro of Certified Manufacturers”, etc.  


L.    Field Visit
To make it possible for both visitors and exhibitors to know better about Shanghai’s real situation, we have specially organized a 1-day-field-visit on April 21, one day before the 17th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai to Shuang Ji Flower Market, Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co and Hongyue Garden Center.

After the tour, to know the real thoughts of our participants, we have given out 56 Field Visit Questionnaires and collected 41 ones. 

For more detail, please visit 'Download' to Fringe Programs.



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