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Dedicated Industry Forums

The reason why most enterprises from the world choose Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai is not just to display their unique products and attract new business, but also to understand new macro policies that affect the industry, to gain insight into the latest development trends within the industry, and to share and exchange experience through the exhibition’s activities and platforms.

Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2021 continued the international and forward-looking nature of the exhibition in the arrangement of its various forums. On the basis of its established activities, the show integrates emerging trends, hot topics and new industry technologies to provide specialized content and effective practical experience for industry professionals, while also sharing current fashions with horticulture lovers. These conference events have bridged divides through combining communication of best practice with discussion on technological developments and market operations.

The Floricultural Landscaping Forum – Native Plants and Their Applications

China has a rich abundance of plant resources. To explore these native resources and make full use of the research into traditional Chinese floricultural landscaping, it would be of great help to further improve and develop local floricultural landscaping material production. The forum’s opening speech was made by Cheng Haizhong, vice chairman of the Chinese Society of Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials. Shen Ruixue, Director of SFYY(Shangfang Yuanyi), then presented a deep analysis looking at “Inspiration from Native Vegetation to Artificial Plant Landscapes”; and well known floricultural landscaping designer Yu Xingwei shared his views on the “Application of Native Ornamental Grass in Floricultural Landscaping”. Both of the presentations received positive feedback from the audience. People are now realizing that adaptability is the first principle in the selection of landscaping materials.

The Sino-Dutch Horticultural Forum – Sustainable Pathways toward the Next Generation of Horticulture - Examples from the Netherlands

This forum is managed by the Agricultural Office of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai. Mr. Wouter Verhey, Agricultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China attended and delivered an opening speech. The International Cooperation Office of the Shanghai Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of China and its Plant Management Office attended the meeting and made special reports. Representatives from Kubo (Shanghai) Smart Greenhouse, Priva, Dummen Orange, Rabobank, Holland Greenhouse Delta and other enterprises held discussions on the core of greenhouse technology development, digital cloud computing, facility agriculture and on the sustainable development of the vegetable and fruit industry. At the same time, in terms of the design, construction, operation and flower production of glass greenhouses, the forum took the technological innovation and supporting services developed in the Netherlands as a case study to provide reference for improving the sustainable development of the flower and horticulture industry in China.

The 2021 Sino-American Landscape Design Idea Forum

This platform is one of the major events of the Los Angeles Real Estate Forum, which was founded in 1992 by the Los Angeles Municipal Real Estate Association. The Sino-American Landscape Design Idea Forum aims to bring together landscape architects, artists, designers in other fields, urban thinkers and investors from around the world to share new ideas. The forum is hosted by the Shanghai Society of Modern Landscape Architecture. Famous landscape designers such as Cao Yi, Xu Yida and Ling Keng were invited to share details of the floricultural landscaping design of the historic building area of the Bund, the construction review of the "Park City" demonstration area of Shanghai Jiading New City and the protection of the Chongming Island East Beach Wetland. This forum plays an active role in promoting global cooperation in the field of domestic landscape design, improving the living environment and enhancing the image of Shanghai.

The Garden Center Forum – The Current Status of Chinese Garden Centers and Future Trends in the Post Pandemic Era

The sudden pandemic in 2020 has had a profound impact on people’s lives and all industries, including the horticultural retail industry. However, the pandemic could also be an opportunity. With this in mind, Li Cheng, the President of CHS (China Horticultural Society), elaborated on the current situation and development opportunities of China's garden center industry. Famous European garden designer Romeo Sommers was invited online and interacted with the audience on the evolution and development trends of overseas garden retail in the post-epidemic era. This forum also invited Lin Ying, President of Spring Garden Wonderland, Neville Stein, a well-known British gardening retail expert, Chang Mengyao, General Manager of Ball Horticulture, and Zhao Yi, Founder of Shanghai Endless Summer Landscape Design Firm, to share their insights. More than 100 gardening retail professionals gathered together to join this event.

The Greenhouse Horticultural Technology Development Forum

This forum is strongly supported by the China Agricultural Mechanization Association and the Academy of Agricultural Planning and Engineering. Key enterprises in the industry such as Huanong Besky, Svensson, Munters, Klasmann, discussed the problems encountered in facility production and sales management from the perspectives of greenhouse management software applications, greenhouse climate management and substrates. Onsite growers and facility agriculture enterprises exchanged knowledge on production technology, management concepts, market demand and other content.

The Florist Forum – Florist Influencers’ Offline Salon

With the rapid development of China’s consumer market in recent years, the public’s aesthetic requirements are increasing day by day. The appearance and taste of a florist shop has become the first consideration of consumers. While facing the challenges of the general environment, some florist influencers are now using social media marketing, as well as their unique personality, to attract people’s attention. This salon has invited florist influencers such as Li Yuan, Xu Xiaomi, He Boss and florist operations master Hua Ge, to interact and share with practitioners in the fields of product design, new social media marketing and flower shop operations.

The Florist Forum – How Are You Going to Develop in 2021?

With the advancement of science and technology and the blurring of the boundaries of various industries, the patterns of florist shops are becoming much more diversified. The flower industry is now experiencing increased possibilities. This forum was hosted by Xu Jiayi, founder of the Flower Escort Gardening Service, and directly analyzed the dilemma faced by florists in the direction and path of healthy and sustainable development for the whole industry. Well known KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) such as Lao You, founder of Hua Xiaoxiang, and Hai Ma, founder of Heidi’s Garden, shared their views from the perspectives of traffic analysis, advantages of physical stores, how to integrate online and offline operations, and the management of flower stores.

Technical Seminars

Besides these forums, the show also hosted industrial technology seminars organized by well-known enterprises in the industry, sharing emerging technology case studies in 2021, jointly discussing technical future development trends, and establishing an international communications platform for information, technology and trade in the horticultural industry between China and other countries.

The Flower Arrangement Show

The Flower Arrangement Show has always been the highlight of Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai. It is not only a respected platform for famous florist masters from China and around the world to appear on, but also provides the space for face-to-face communication and exchange between professional florists and flower enthusiasts. Floral designers, through innovative multicultural techniques that combine floral arrangement with aromatic incense and guqin music, micro landscaping in paludarium, as well as Japanese Ikenobo, Ohara and paper floral styles to present audiences with a feast for the senses exhibiting boundless skill in flower arrangement performance.

Wu Qing: Learnt from incense master Liu Liangyou; Master of Fine Arts Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Director of the Hongqiao Incense Museum, Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Experience Center; Representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of "Jiangnan Traditional Literati Fragrances"; Chairman of the Shanghai Changning Qinglu Academy; Director of the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association; Professor of Shanghai Jincheng Cultural Relics and Art, Specialized College of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Chen Chuixun: Convinced that "every flower or leaf plays the greatest value", Chen is good at combining different materials to amazing effect through skillful design integration. Champion of 1997 Taiwan Cup Floral Art Contest; Competitor in the 2001 Asia Cup Flower Design Competition (Seoul, Korea); Designated contestant of Taiwan representative in the 2004 FTD World Cup Flower Design Competition in Melbourne; First Prize of the International Overall Image Design in the 2010 Ghent Belgium Flower Garden Exhibition.

Zhang Jie: Founder and chief florist of HuaShuZhi Studio; senior florist designer certification of the DFD Chinese Association in the Netherlands; member of the China Flower Arrangement Association; responsible for the design of the orchid house of Qingzhou Station of Zhengzhou Garden Expo in 2015; won the Silver Award of the Zhengzhou Garden Expo in 2017.




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