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Subject: Anti-corrosion Application of Cold Galvanizing Compoundon Steel Structures of Green House Industry
Time: 20th April,2019  13:00-15:00
Meeting Room: W4-M6
Speaker: Mr. CaiZhuyu


Product introduction:
Roval Cold Galvanizing Compound has a high 96% zinc content in its dry film and its anti-corrosion performance is equivalent to that of hot-dip galvanizing.  Recognized by The building Center of Japan and Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, ROVAL has been widely applied in the fields of Green House, Electricity, Telecommunications, highway and bridge, construction, ships and so on, it has become the best choice for repairing the worn hot-dip galvanizing surface.  In 2009, ROVAL corporation successfully developed the world's first water-borne organic zinc-rich paint, that is Aqua Roval Cold Galvanizing Compound. The zinc content of Aqua Roval’s dry film is as high as 95%, while its VOC content is only 38g/L. Aqua Roval not only solves the problem of VOC exceeding, but also makes the steel structure achieve long-term maintenance-free effect with super rust-proof performance.


Company profile:
ROVAL Corporation was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1955. For more than 60 years, ROVAL has been devoting itself to the research, development and production of Cold Galvanized Compound. In 2003, Shanghai Roval Zinc Rich Paint Corporation was established in Shanghai as the production base of the Chinese domestic market. In 2007, Roval (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Corporation was established in Shanghai as a sales company facing the Chinese domestic and foreign markets.


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Subject: Greenhouse Automated Precision Growing(APG)

Time: 21st April,2019 13:30-15:30  
Meeting Room: W4-M6
Speaker: China Green Agriculture Engineering &Technology C0.,Ltd


Product introduction:New growing system for massive commerical production in greenhouse will be introduced. The system combines modern information technology,electrical automation technology,biotechnology,enginnering technology,artifical intelligence technology,mechanical process principle and a series of results, import industrical automated production lines, to achieve automatic soilless cultivation and production of crops from sowing to mature harvesting. 





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