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Fringe Programs in 2015

Fringe Programs in 2015

1. 2nd Chinese Technology and Application Research of New Garden Products and Young Plants Seminar
Date: Afternoon of April 22th 2015
Venue: Meeting Room M42a
Number of Audience: 160-200 People
Cooperated with Old and Valuable Trees Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, the purpose of this seminar is to introduce new application methods and management modes of different kinds of landscape plants, etc. to peers of Chinese landscape garden industry.
Development of Root Control Technology in Young Plant Container Cultivation,
Breeding Progress of Shanghai Ornamental Plants,
New Varieties of Garden Plants and Their Application in Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang Province,
Introduction of New Varieties of Garden Plants and Their Application in South China,
Application of New Technologies of Tree Transplantation,
New Varieties , New Plants, New Technology of Seminar Participants,


2. Landscape Summit of Shanghai Society of Modern Landscape Architecture Date: Morning of April 23rd 2015
Venue: Meeting Room M42a
Number of Audience: 160-200 People
Cooperated with Shanghai Society of Modern Landscape Architecture to share Case Studies and latest trend and idea of landscape design to Architecture Design Institutes, landscape design companies and landscape project companies, etc.
9:00-10:00  New Plants Application in Landscape Design
--- Haining Oregon Nursery Technologies Co.,Ltd (Hont)
10:00-11:00 Case Studies by American Mission Landscape Co 
---Mr.  Rocco M Campanozzi and Mr. Sumin Wu of American Mission Landscape Co
11:00-12:15 Case Studies of Environmental Art Design of Landscape Design
---Ms Linda Daley and Ms Annie Pai of American AHBE Landscape Design Co
12:15-12:45   Key Note Speech
---Mr. Mike Kimple of USA Portland Botanic Garden


3. Sino Dutch Sustainable Horticulture Practice & Perspective Seminar
Date: Morning of April 23rd 2015 
Venue: Meeting Room N1B2b
Number of Audience: 160-200 People
Organized by Royal Netherlands Embassy and Holland Council for the Promotion of International Trade, this conference will introduce to Chinese horticultural companies how their Holland counterparts grow, manage, their experience and their approaches.
Speeches will be given by:
Hortimax, Priva, Codema, Ruixue Global, Philips, etc.


4. Forum of Vertical Green and Beautiful China
Date: Morning of April 23rd 2015
Venue: Meeting Room N2M40
Number of Audience: 60-80 People
Cooperated with Vertical Greening Academic Group of China Green Building Council and International Rooftop Landscaping Association, we would like to introduce new methods, ideas and technologies of roof greening and wall greening to help purify atmosphere, lowering PM2.5 when there are no more ground can grow plants in today’s most Chinese cities.

5. Greenhouse Horticulture Equipment and Technology Innovation Forum
Time: 13:30-16:30,afternoon of April 22nd 2015 
Venue: Meeting Room  N2M40 
Number of Audience: 60-80 People
Features:   Free
Cooperated with RICHLAND SOURCES and Shanghai Greenhouse Manufacturing Association, this forum will combine the greenhouse and equipment technology with modern growing to offer latest idea, best  technology, good service and product for modern horticulture.
Application and Development of Functional PC (anti fog technology)
----- Kuang Xienan, Products Director of Shanghai Pincheng Plastics Co.,LTD.
Application and Development of Film Used in Grape Cultivation or Orchard.
-----Mr. Zhang Zhiping, China Representative of Ginegar Plastic Products Ltd.
Better Climate for Plants and Businesses, Solutions Brought by Climate Screens
----Mr. Zhang Yi, General Manager of Shanghai Ludvig Svensson Horti-Equip. Co., Ltd.
Dutch  Adaptive Greenhouse Technology: Easy-to-use Climate Control Computers which Grow with the Grower, and New ‘RPD’ Type Gear Motors Specifically Designed for Venting and Screening in Poly Greenhouses
---- Mr. Fulco M. Wijdooge, China General Manager of Ridder Group
The Study and Application of Photovoltaic Greenhouse Technology.
---- Mr. Li Xiu Gang, Manager of Technical Dept. of Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-tech Corporation
Application of Thin Film Solar Technology in Agriculture
---- Mr. Zhang Fan, Chief Executive Officer of Agricultural Application of Hanergy Global Solar Power Solutions Group
6. Forum of Application of Rose, Bulb Flowers in Ecological Civilization and Gardens
Date: Afternoon of April  23rd 2015
Venue: Meeting Room M42a
Number of Audience: 160-200 People
Thanks to the love of flowers and changeable gardens, we will cooperate with the Modern Landscape Architecture Magazine to organize landscape designers, green project companies, botanic gardens, parks, etc. to share the latest concept, philosophy and case study of roses and bulb flowers in the landscape application.
Development of Rose Varieties and Its Application in Garden Use
----Mr. Hu, Yong Hong, Principal of Shanghai Chen Shan Botanic Garden
Varieties and Application Prospect of Bulb Flowers
----Mr. Cheng, Hai Zhong, Dean of Suzhou Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture
7. Home Garden Conference
Date:Morning of April 24th 2015
Venue: Meeting Room M42a
Number of Audience:  160-200 People
Features:   Free
To cater for the need of garden fans, owners of villas, home garden product dealers and manufacturers, we will cooperate with “Chinese Ornamental Plants and Bonsai Magazine”, a famous Chinese home garden magazine to present a special conference.
8. Netizen Meeting of
Date:Afternoon of April 22nd 2015
Venue: Meeting Room N1B2b
Number of Audience:  200 People
Will cooperate with for the 1st time to organize garden owners, green project companies, young plant growers and dealers to meet one another offline to have a light-hearted and interesting meeting to listen to the industry about what will be the development trends of internet young plant suppliers, how to build image on Internet, how to advertise effectively on the Internet and how to choose partners for green project companies, etc.
9. Flower Arrangement Show
Date:April 22nd-24th 2013 (Three Days)
Venue:in Hall N1
Number of Audience:400 People+
Flower Arrangement Shows will be held concurrently with the exhibition from April  22nd-24th, which will be a rare chance for flower shop owners, florists and lovers to feel and learn the latest trend of flower arrangement.
10. General Assembly of China Flower Association (CFA) Retail Branch
Date:Afternoon of April   2015
Venue:Meeting Room 
Number of Audience:  100 People+
Features:Only free for Members to participate
Will talk about the achievements of Retail Branch of CFA in 2014 to 2015, the new development trend and direction, content of future work, etc.
11. Seminars
Feature: Exhibitors rent seminar rooms to present, free to attend 
Seminar is one of the best ways to display exhibits and promote technical exchanges. There were 10 companies ordered seminar rooms in last edition in Shanghai in 2011, 95% of the companies achieved satisfactory results.
12. Field Visit
Route:Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai — Shuang Ji Flower Market——Shanghai Yuanyi Seedling Co.,ltd——Hongyue Garden Center — Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai Departure Time: 08:30, April 21, 2015 (Tuesday)
Estimated Time of Return: 16:30 in the afternoon (Depending on the traffic)
Pickup Points:Entrance of Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai(1108 Mei Hua Road, Pudong Shanghai 201204, China)
1. Price: RMB120.00 for each person (includes water, a simple lunch, transportation and admission ticket of the above gardens, guide)
2. Admission will be declined without badges and bus will start on time.
3. The above information is subject to change without prior notice.



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