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The First Round of Fringe Programs in 2017

The First Round of Fringe Programs in 2017

Organized by China Flower Association, Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd and China Great Wall Exhibition Co Ltd, the 19th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2017 is held from May 10-12th in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The show is held alternatively in Shanghai and Beijing each April or May. Due to the support by the Ministry of Agriculture and State Forestry Administration of the People’s Republic of China from 1998, it is now the most well-known and popular trade show in Asia. While attracting new products and technology from overseas during almost 20 years, this fair is not only the essential stage for industrial companies, but also the overseas enterprises’ first step to Chinese marketing.
A Trade Platform for Horticultural Industrial Chain
According to preliminary statistics, there are almost 600 companies that are going to be participants of the show, from more than 20 countries and regions. Companies from Netherlands, Germany, France, Ecuador, Colombia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan Province will exhibit in the form pavilions. The showground will be nearly 40000m2. Products range from gardening machinery/tools, green roofing, irrigation systems, vertical greening, water plants, ground cover, green house, horticultural materials, home gardening, bulbs, seeds, seedlings, floral supplies, cut flowers etc.

Professional forums that stimulate industrial communication and development 
During the fair, there are various forums and professional fringe programmes that aim to discover the trend of industrial development. It also offers a great platform for professions from horticultural and floricultural industry to exchange their ideas and seek opportunities.

1.Chinese Technology and Application Research Conference for New Garden Products and Young Plants 2017
Cooperated by Old and Valuable Trees Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, this forum aims to explain the specialty, application, management and theory of garden plants to industrial professionals.

2.Holland Day Conference
Organized by Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this conference is going to show professionals how to breed new horticultural products from the Netherlands and build a communication bridge between China and overseas countries.

3.Vertical Greening and Sponge City Forum
With the cooperation of China Green Roof Council, this forum focuses on the attractive field of “Sponge City”, with both theoretical and practical content. Together insiders will discuss the utilization of plants, vertical greening and sponge city and discover its future prospect.

4.Transformation Green House Technology Achievements and Opening Industries Forum
Organized by Green House Horticulture Magazine, Facility Agriculture Sub-Association of China and the organizer, this forum will gather principals, specialists, professionals of agricultural technology and industrial companies from mainland China as a forum and salon to talk about the future trend of green house technology.

5.Modern Greenhouse Equipment and Technology Innovation Forum
Supported by Richland Sources, this conference will combine green house technology and modern planting, offers industrial professionals and lovers better service, products, ideas and technology!

6.New Flower and Nursery Plant Technology Promotion Conference
In order to stimulate the development of floral young plant industry as well as the application of new technology, the organizer plans to cooperate with Modern Garden Magazine and ask leading industrial specialists and companies to come to the scene. Conference topic will focus on cultivation, marketing advertisement as well as the utilization of new garden plants.
7.Special Consumer Forum for Home Gardening
Cooperated with Better Homes and Gardens, this forum will let people who are interested in home gardening, industrial manufacturers and sellers to discuss face-to-face about home gardening.

8.Micro Bonsai Conference
The conference, held by the organizer and 《China Flower and Penjing》, will focus on the traditional culture of Chinese Bonsai and discover current status of its marketing. Manufacturers and wholesalers will have a face-to-face opportunity which may help to develop the future industry of micro Bonsai.

9.Fringe Seminars
Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2017 offers a perfect platform to all the exhibitors as well as industrial professionals to exchange their ideas and latest trends of technology.

Great Stage for the Great Flower Arrangement Show
While living standard is improving, increasing number of people are fond of flower arrangement. During the fair, Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2017 will also hold a great arrangement show for three days. This show, organized by Retail Trade Committee of CFA and CNFloral, gathers more than 10 world leading florists and will give audience a great opportunity to enjoy the flower arrangement arts.
Besides, there will be five show areas which present various styles of flower arrangement and Bonsai. They are free for people to learn and explore, are aiming to encourage people to achieve a new idea of green living and future trends of the industry.
More information is available on our website ( and our Wechat account (Hortiflorexpo). Audience is free to register on the website in advance. At the scene, there are wonderful events and games waiting for you to discover!
See you in May!



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