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Manufacturing Site Visit in 2017

Manufacturing Site Visit in 2017

Departure Time: May 9th, 2017 9:00am
Pick Up Location: Main entrance of Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai (No.1108 Meihua Rd. Pudong District)

Brief Introduction:


1、Shanghai Sunqiao Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd Agricultural Exhibition Center
3000 square meters of modern agricultural landscape exhibition hall
4500 square meters of intelligent agricultural production and agricultural base
4500 square meters of new agricultural development base with modern technology


2、Shanghai Sunqiao National Modern Agricultural Park
20000 square meters of efficient facility agriculture base, tissue culture center, testing center, science and technology exhibition center, strange fruits orchard and desert plant garden


3、Shanghai-based Shang Fang Horticulture Co., Ltd
Menghuayuan Club
Various Display of Tailoran; Rose Garden, Rock Garden’s Succulent, Garden Farm Vegetables & Herbal Medicinal Plants, Classical Garden Place Bonsai, New Variety Showcase, etc.
Case Studies: special three-dimensional green carving, roof garden, water landscape, Rock Garden, Vanilla Garden, Gaodi Garden and other new special cases of landscape garden.


Qingcun Nursery
With 280 acres of seedling base, there are about 500 species of new plant, which mainly planted in the potted container. The varieties include the perennial plants, ornamental grass, flower shrubs, rock and three-dimensional green plants. In addition, there are 3800 square meters of greenhouses, 8,000 square meters of shade houses, and more than 100 single greenhouses.


Charge: RMB150.00 for each person, includes water, a simple lunch, bus fee and admission ticket


Remarks: Registration deadline: April 15, 2017
Get the visiting badge by submitting the application form and invoice on May 8th at the Entrance Hall No.2 




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